One of the core values of Halpenny Travel is to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Halpenny Travel has been in business for over 90 years and has passed through three generations. We strive to do our bit to preserve the environment for future generations.

Environmental Policy – Vehicles:

Halpenny Travel is committed to working hard to improve old systems to ensure our vehicles are causing the least amount of harm to our world. 90% of our vehicles are treated with Ad-blue, which considerably reduces the CO2 emissions from our fleet. We also have GPS tracking devices fitted to all vehicles.

This has been invaluable in educating our staff as to the effects of running an engine unnecessarily. Since fitting these units we have been able to dramatically reduce the fuel consumption of all our vehicles.
We understand that we must continually strive to improve our environmental awareness and change our policies and procedures where possible, to become a ‘green company‘ of the future.

Environmental Policy – Our Business Premises:

We don’t stop being environmentally aware when we switch off the engines on our vehicles. We also realise that energy awareness have no boundaries. For this reason we have implemented energy efficient practices where possible. Lighting, heating etc. are obvious ones, but we have gone as far as harvesting rainwater to recycle and reuse for the purpose of washing our vehicles.