School Tickets for Full and Half Year travel now available!Buy now

Full Year Bus Ticket



These tickets are  valid from 28th Aug 2019 until 10th June 2020.

Once purchased we will contact you to get the students details and will post the ticket out.

Terms & Conditions:

Buses operate morning and afternoon, half days are only serviced when ALL schools have a half day.

School term commences Wed 28th August and operates until Wed 10th June 2020.

Travel only allowed with a current valid School Transport Travel Ticket, your ticket should be carried at all times and produced or inspection by the driver or any authorised official of Halpenny Transport Ltd.

There is a charge of €5 for a replacement ticket.

School Transport Travel Tickets are not transferable.

School Transport Travel Tickets may only be used for travel to and from school on schooldays during the School Term.

Safety :

Arrive in good time, form an orderly single line, stand back from the bus and wait until bus has fully stopped and doors are opened before entering the bus. No pushing or shoving on entering the bus and use handrails where available.

Please wear Safety Belts at all times when travelling by bus.

Store all luggage at your feet, on your lap or in luggage bay. DONT block the walkway .

Emergency doors are never to be tampered with or blocked in any way.

NEVER throw missiles or objects of any sort while on the bus.

Always follow the drivers instructions and don’t distract the driver

In the event of  RED weather warning buses will NOT operate.